Additional Information

Greetings members of the noble clan of Kappa Alpha Psi. I hope this finds you in good Kappa Spirits. The current Raleigh Alumni Chapter (RAC) MTA committee is focused on ways to better transition our initiates into well-informed members. Well, the Membership Training Academy has in place what is called Members' Klass which is broken down into four sections. With all of our challenges, we find it necessary to ensure that this training is offered and completed. We would like to open the training to not just the latest initiation classed of Kappa Alpha Psi, but any other brother that would like to participate. We'd also like to open it up to brothers to offer some wisdom and facilitate a training that they may find useful. The four training courses are: 

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Risk Management
  3. Conducting Meetings
  4. Fraternity Meeting

If you would like to assist in this training, please reach out to anyone on the Chapter committee or send a here in the Contact Us section. The hope is that we will conduct this training once a month. Additionally, if you think there are any topics that are not covered but should be covered, please share and we may be able to develop a training session based on that subject. 

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance in accomplishing this goal. Have a great Kappa Day and an even better week. 

Yours In The Bond,
The RAC MTA Committee